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Our Shows


The Biggest Loser

Seasons 1 -11

The Biggest Loser is a competition reality show that featuress obese or overweight contestants competing to win a cash prize by losing the highest percentage of weight relative to their initial weight.


Downtown Shabby

Across America, there are thousands of older homes that look like the perfect dream house on the outside, but are practically unlivable on the inside. These beautiful vintage homes hide dark secrets from dry rot, to weak foundations, to cramped design or even termite infestations. In “Downtown Shabby,” renovation and design experts, Frank and Sherry Fontana, will take these homes and renovate, remodel and ultimately revive them into modern masterpieces.


Adventure Capitalists

Adventure Capitalists gives entrepreneurs the chance to showcase their product in the environment it’s designed for ─ the great outdoors!


For Love Or Money

Sixteen beautiful female contestants go through numerous twists and turns as they try to win the heart of a handsome and charming bachelor. The women are each playing for an undisclosed amount between $1 and $1 million. Although the women do not know the value of their checks, their handsome suitor will, leading them all back to the ultimate question: Who is in it for love, and who is in it for money?



Endurance a new fear factor/survivor type of show, where twenty teens will be dropped off in the Pacific Islands, and will compete against each other in both physical and mental challenges, with hopes of staying in the game. In the end, only one teen team will be left standing, and will take home the grand prize. They leave behind all friends, family, cell phones, television and electricity, ten guys and ten girls from all corners of America join together not knowing what adventures and challenges await them.


Breaking Bonaduce

Breaking Bonaduce is a series that focused on former child-actor Danny Bonaduce and how his (then-) increasingly unstable lifestyle impacted his then-wife, Gretchen, and their two children.


Kingin’ with Tyga

“Kingin’ with Tyga” gives an inside look at the life of the hit recording artist. The series follows Tyga and his crew as they attempt over-the-top stunts and indulge in a lavish lifestyle made famous by his Instagram account, which currently has more than 5 million followers.


Hungry Investors

World-renowned bar and nightlife expert Jon Taffer teams up with acclaimed celebrity chef and author John Besh and “Top Chef All-Star” Tiffany Derry to vet competing restaurants and decide which is worthy of a significant investment. In each episode, two local restaurants that serve the same type of cuisine (i.e. Mexican, sushi, barbeque, etc.) are pitted against each other as they make every effort to demonstrate to the “Hungry Investors” that their business is willing to make the necessary adjustments to maximize the return on an investment.


Hair Battle Spectacular

Hair Battle Spectacular revolves around the outrageous and fantastic superstars of fantasy hair design. It brings 10 of the most talented fantasy hair artists together in one location where they will live, create, and compete against one another in a series of escalating weekly challenges. In each episode, the weakest designer is sent packing, and the rest move on to tougher challenges, and ultimately, a $100,000 prize.


The Pickup Artist

In The Pickup Artist, eight misfits live together, learn together and love together as they compete for the title of “Master Pick-Up Artist.” Over the course of eight episodes, the men learn the ins and outs of the Mystery Method– “how to open a set,” “the number close” and “the kiss close” among others. Aided by his faithful wingmen, Matador and J Dog, Mystery teaches these average guys how to turn the women of their dreams into the women of their reality.


Flying Wild Alaska

In the frigid Alaskan town of Unalakleet, the Tweto’s and their family run an airline and battle the arctic elements to transport supplies and passengers into some of the most inaccessible terrain on earth.


Texas Women

Fort Worth, Texas. Home of the honky-tonk, barbeque, and the official sport of Texas: Rodeo. In Texas Women, we take an exciting peek inside the lives of four young, gorgeous, and sassy women living in Fort Worth, TX. From concerts and rodeos, to a day at the salon or a night on town, these women know how to live life to the fullest both on and off the ranch. Each week they juggle love, careers, and friendship proving that being a Texas Woman is tougher than riding bareback.


Beauty and the Geek

Deemed “The ultimate social experiment”, a group of “Beauties” (young women who have relied primarily on their looks) and a group of “Geeks” (young men who have relied primarily on intellect rather than social aptitude or looks) are paired up to compete as couples for a shared $250,000.


My Cat From Hell

Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy seeks out the most ferocious and volatile house cats, diagnoses their problems, and fixes their behavior. More often than not, he discovers that owners need just as much fixing as the cats themselves. Each episode, Jackson tackles the most extreme cat-astrophes. These aren’t just cats that occasionally chew through a cord, or steal other house pets’ food. These are hellcats who take the term “bad kitty” to a whole new level, whether that means swiping their claws at babies, peeing on an owner’s face as he sleeps, or terrorizing its owners’ new yappy Chihuahua.


Bar Rescue

Over the course of the series, one bar per week in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia are reborn under the watchful eye of Jon Taffer. One of the country’s top restaurant and bar consultants, Taffer delves into every business facet of running a bar, from creating a profitable drink/food menu, to music selection, to managing crowds as well as dealing with disgruntled employees. Taffer leaves no stone unturned in his efforts to revitalize the venues in Bar Rescue. Turning traditional Irish pubs, biker hangouts and karaoke bars into billiards clubs, surf barbeque restaurants and whiskey taverns is just a sampling of the transformations that take place under Taffer’s supervision.


Extreme Weight Loss

Witness the biggest transformation on television when one person’s struggle with obesity is documented during the most important year of their life, the year they get it back. Extreme Weight Loss documents a life transforming 365-day journey and the shocking steps taken when one morbidly obese individual on the verge of total body failure attempts to lose half their body weight under the guidance of a weight loss expert.


Kitten Bowl

Hosted by Beth Stern and John Sterling, “Kitten Bowl”, is the greatest feline showdown in cable television history. The competition consists of two preliminary playoffs and a championship match. Along with basic obstacle courses of hurdles, tunnels, hoops, jumps, weave poles, lasers, lures and toys on strings, “Kitten Bowl” features clever locker room strategies, player profiles and “interviews,” and camera work and audio recordings from the athletes as they play the game!


Catch a Contractor

Each episode follows Adam Carolla, Skip and Alison Bedell, as they seek justice for wronged homeowners, whose construction nightmares range from the laughably incompetent to frighteningly hazardous homes that have been left completely torn apart. Initially, Carolla and Skip assess the property in question and identify all the corners that were cut. Alison then hunts down these unscrupulous builders through various investigative methods. The contractors are then given the chance to redeem themselves by fixing the mess they left behind – all while under Carolla and Skip’s watchful and critical eye. Ultimately, homeowners are able to gain closure, as they not only are able to confront the culprit face-to-face, but are able to finally achieve the end results they paid for.


L.A. Hair

Hair stylist Kimberly Kimble and her team of outrageous stylists take on the manes of the LA’s jet set including some of the world’s biggest celebrities in her highend Los Angeles hair studio.

Our Story

3 Ball Entertainment is one of television’s most prolific producers of reality and non-fiction programming, both for broadcast and cable. Fully independent, the company employs more than 225 people in a state-of-the-art, 40,000 square-foot facility in Manhattan Beach, California.

3 Ball’s long-running hit series include Bar Rescue for Spike; My Cat from Hell for Animal Planet; LA Hair for WE tv; Kitten Bowl for Hallmark Channel; and Extreme Weight Loss for ABC (which airs as Obese in 130 countries). Other long-running, genre-creating franchises include the worldwide hit Beauty and the Geek (six seasons on CW); the ground-breaking For Love or Money (four seasons on NBC); as well as NBC’s Age of Love; I Used to be Fat and Kingin’ with Tyga for MTV; Flying Wild Alaska for Discovery; Breaking Bonaduce, The Pick-Up Artist and Scott Baio is 45 and Single for VH1; Unan1mous for FOX; Hammer Time for A&E; Fourth and Long for Spike; Groomer Has It for Animal Planet; and the series that started the company, Endurance, which ran for seven seasons on Discovery. 3 Ball has additional series in production and development with networks including FOX, Discovery, Spike, Travel, A+E, FYI, CNBC, Food, E!, Oxygen and WE tv.

3 Ball Entertainment was originally founded in 2001 as 3 Ball Productions, which was acquired in 2006 by Eyeworks, one of the world’s largest independent production groups comprised of 16 companies across continental Europe, Scandinavia, South America, New Zealand, Australia and the US, where the company was known as Eyeworks USA. The rebranding of Eyeworks USA to 3 Ball Entertainment – officially launched in January 2015 – followed Warner Bros.’ 2014 acquisition of the Eyeworks group of 15 international production companies, excluding the US.

3 Ball Entertainment’s leadership includes:

  • Chairman Reinout Oerlemans (original founder of Eyeworks Group worldwide)
  • Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder of 3 Ball Productions Todd A. Nelson
  • Co-Chief Executive Officer Ross Weintraub
  • President Ronak Kordestani
  • EVP of Production Matt Allyn

Our Team


Reinout Oerlemans

Chairman of the Board

Reinout Oerlemans has worked in the media and entertainment business for 25 years. Launching his career as an actor and on-air host, he transitioned early to become one of the industry’s most successful producers of global unscripted and scripted content.

In 1989, while studying law at the University of Amsterdam, Oerlemans was “plucked off the street” and cast as a lead in the first Dutch daytime drama (“Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden”). Following six years on the hit soap, he became one of Holland’s most successful TV personalities, hosting a variety of entertainment shows including the first cycle of American Idol in Holland. He also hosted the hit series Strictly Come Dancing, as well as his own talk show, PULSE, for network RTL.

In 2001, Oerlemans founded his own production company, Eyeworks, together with Robert van den Bogaard and Ronald van Wechem. With a vision to turn the company into a major player in the global TV industry, Eyeworks grew to encompass 16 companies across continental Europe, Scandinavia, South America, New Zealand, Australia and the US.

Oerlemans created such successful formats as Test The Nation, broadcast in more than 50 territories, as well as Who Wants to Marry My Son, Flikken Maastricht (Cops) and Celebrity Splash for ITV. Oerlemans also has produced feature films, including The Happy Housewife, New Kids Turbo, and Jackie, featuring Oscar-winning actress Holly Hunter. In 2009, he made his debut as a feature film director, delivering the highest-grossing Dutch movie of the decade, Stricken. In 2011, he brought to the Dutch cinema its first movie in 3D: Nova Zembla, also a box office success.

In February 2014, Oerlemans sold the Eyeworks group to Warner Bros. Television Group (the acquisition encompassed all Eyeworks territories outside the United States), becoming chairman of Eyeworks USA. In January 2015, he rebranded the company 3 Ball Entertainment (a nod to the original US production company, 3 Ball Productions, which Eyeworks acquired in 2006) and serves as that company’s chairman.

3 Ball Entertainment’s hit series include Extreme Weight Loss, in production on season five for ABC (the show also airs as Obese in 130 countries); Bar Rescue, in season four for Spike; My Cat from Hell for Animal Planet; LA Hair for WEtv; Catch a Contractor and Hungry Investors, also for Spike; Kitten Bowl II for Hallmark Channel; and Funniest Wins for TBS. The company has additional series in production and development with networks including Discovery, Spike, Travel, A+E, FYI, Food, E!, Oxygen and WEtv.

Oerlemans resides in Los Angeles with his wife and their four children.


Todd Nelson

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder

Executive Producer Todd A. Nelson serves as CEO of 3 Ball Entertainment, one of television’s most prolific and compelling producers of reality and unscripted television.

Among the numerous hit series executive produced by Nelson are ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, currently in production on its fifth season; ratings winner Bar Rescue for Spike, in its fourth season, as well as Spike’s new hit series Catch a Contractor and Hungry Investors; My Cat from Hell for Animal Planet, one of the most-watched and highest-rated series on the network; LA Hair for WEtv; Kitten Bowl II for Hallmark Channel and Funniest Wins with Marlon Wayans for TBS.

Nelson originally co-founded 3 Ball Productions, along with producer JD Roth, in 2001; Eyeworks Group acquired the company in 2006. In February 2014, Warner Bros. Television Group acquired Eyeworks’ group of 15 international production companies (excluding the US); the fully independent 3 Ball Entertainment officially launched in January 2015.


Ross Weintraub

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Ross Weintraub serves as Co-Chief Executive Officer of 3 Ball Entertainment, with oversight of all of the company’s business operations. Prior to this, he was Chief Operating Officer of Eyeworks USA, the company’s previous iteration under its ownership by Eyeworks Group (Eyeworks Group’s 15 international production companies, excluding the US, were acquired by Warner Bros. in February 2014; the fully independent company rebranded as 3 Ball Entertainment in January 2015). Weintraub joined the company in 2006.

He currently is shepherding numerous 3 Ball Entertainment series, including Extreme Weight Loss, in production on season five for ABC; Bar Rescue, in season four for Spike, as well as the network’s newer hits Catch a Contractor and Hungry Investors; My Cat from Hell, in season five for Animal Planet; LA Hair, in season four for WEtv; and Funniest Wins for TBS. The company has additional series in production and development with networks including Discovery, Spike, Travel, A+E, FYI, Food, E!, Oxygen and WEtv.
Prior to 3 Ball Entertainment (and Eyeworks USA), Weintraub was responsible for finance and operations for Nash Entertainment, which produced more than 100 hours of programming annually.


Matt Allyn

Executive Vice President, Production

Matt Allyn serves as executive vice president of production at 3 Ball Entertainment, responsible for all production management, budget development and strategic planning for the company. Allyn originally joined 3 Ball as VP of production in August of 2007, and previously was SVP of production.

Allyn’s credits include ratings winner Bar Rescue, now in its fifth season on Spike; the long-running My Cat From Hell for Animal Planet; social media sensation Kitten Bowl for Hallmark Channel; LA Hair, currently in production on its fifth season for We tv; global success Beauty & The Geek; hit series Extreme Weight Loss and Opportunity Knocks for ABC, and many others.

Prior to joining 3 Ball, Allyn served as executive in charge of production for Bunim-Murray Productions; he was also executive in charge of production at Granada USA.

Allyn began his career in television production on the hit CBS series “Rescue 911.”


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